Sauerkraut Scramble

Greenbird Living Sauerkraut Scramble 1

If you’ve read my recent post on looking after your microbes as well as my very funky homemade food pyramid, then you may have noticed I mention sauerkraut one or two times!

It must be in my half German blood, but I genuinely do love sauerkraut and not because it has now become something of a celebrity. Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage leaves, which has amazing immune boosting properties thanks to the microbes it has cultured during its fermentation stage.

Sauerkraut is traditionally made by layering sliced white cabbage leaves with salt in an earthenware/ceramic crock and then pummelling it so that it releases its juices and tenderizes the leaves. This way it gets covered in salty juice. A weight is put on top of it so that it never touches air, and under its salty cover, bacteria gets to work fermenting this one-veg wonder into a soft, health supporting delight. Juniper berries are a usual addition to sauerkraut, to stop unwanted fungal visitors.

You can buy jars of sauerkraut from health food shops, which will probably be organic, and even biodynamic. But you can find great ones in shops that sell European foods – German or Polish minimarkets are your best bet.

Germans tend to warm sauerkraut in a frying pan and serve it with mashed peas and potatoes. Enjoying peas and sauerkraut together, I decided to make myself an easy lunch using another ingredient that I enjoy eating with peas: eggs.

Eggs from my parents’ free range chickens are deep yellow and rich in vitamins, thanks to the chooks being able to forage grass, grit and grain that make their eggs so bright and nutritious. I would implore you to seek eggs that come from chickens that are equally as happy as these girls.

This meal makes an easy, quick lunch and it’s gluten free and full of protein. I enjoy the salt and sour combination of the sauerkraut with the sweetness the peas bring in every mouthful. It’s definitely one of those meals for when there isn’t much fresh produce to hand.

Greenbird Living Sauerkraut Scramble 2

Sauerkraut Scramble: 1 Serving.

2 tsp Coconut Oil

1 Small chopped onion or quarter chopped leek

2 Chopped mushrooms

2 tsp Mixed Herbs (fresh or dried. Thyme/Oregano are a good mix).

1 Handful sauerkraut rinsed under running water to lessen its saltyness.

1 Handful peas

2 Beaten eggs.


Heat oil in a pan. Add the chopped mushrooms and stir. Cook until tender. Add herbs.

Add sauerkraut and peas into the pan and stir into the mushrooms and herbs. When the peas have cooked and the sauerkraut has reduced in size slightly, pour in the beaten eggs and continue to stir and mix until the eggs cook. Do not let them get too dry.

Serve as is, or on a bed of raw or cooked greens.

Delicious add-ons:

Some rich goat’s cheese added with the sauerkraut brings a deeper, richer taste.

I love adding tofu to this mixture, instead of mushrooms. An extra fermented food boost!



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