Do you know how to live well? 5 Ways to Whole Health.

Whole health is more than just eating well. A while ago I realized that forcing myself to eat better was almost like I was punishing myself, because I didn’t want to eat better in order to look after myself, it was to make me ‘right’. Once I started to embrace holistic health, which means to gather health from all areas of life, especially starting from within, then wellness followed. So here are 5 things I came to understand on my way onto the path of wholesome wellbeing.

5 ways to whole health 2

  1. Companies aren’t there to look after you. The bigger the company, the less they care about you, on the whole. Mega rich corporations who make skin care products and make up, or soft drinks and packaged food; none of them truly care how their products react within you. Take trust away from purchasing wholeness, and return that trust to you. Everything you truly need is within you, you are whole; you know how to take care of yourself.


  1. You are not a separate being – you are part of nature. Every tree around you, right this minute, is breathing in your breath, and in turn, you are breathing in their breath. Every drop of water you drink, has already been in the sky and the sea, and when you finish drinking, that water will return to the air around you and given to someone else. You ARE nature. You belong here. You are not alone, you are a part of the natural world. Look after nature and in turn, you will look after yourself.


  1. Speak nicely to yourself. Be on your side, and life will feel a lot kinder. When you make mistakes, or are having a hard time, don’t add to your pain by speaking angrily to yourself, or doubting yourself or mocking who you are. It takes time to learn to be kind to yourself, and it starts with replacing degrading self-talk with some supportive inner monologue. “It’s okay. Just breathe. You’ll be fine. You can do this.” What a world of difference it makes when you feel that you are looking after yourself. How kind it feels that you are there for you. It takes practice to change those negative voices, but when you do, it’s a wonderful way to feel and be well.


  1. First comes acceptance, then comes everything else. Accept, accept, accept. Accept your reality, see it for what it is. Don’t deny, don’t push away. Breathe in, be brave and look with opened eyes at who you are, and your life. Once you nod your head and say “Yes, this is really how it is.” Then you have been courageous, and from that courage comes a new day. Love yourself, accept yourself. Just because you have an F grade in math, or an F grade in social skills does not make you an F grade person!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      If you want change, know that real change comes after self-acceptance. Because real change only happens when we have some respect for who we are, and after that, the change we create is meaningful and kind, and not punitive. You can’t change by force or sheer will power. But you can change once you know that you are okay, and you are worthy of goodness.


  1. Take your time, stop now and again and observe. Life moves quickly, so take time to be a part of it. Breathe in your world, look at it closely. When we observe like this, we feel wonder, and awe. And to feel like that is to really feel alive; like a child! But as an adult we can add another layer onto our awe, which is gratitude. To feel grateful is the quickest way into joy. Feel grateful for all you have observed and been part of in your day, feel blessed, lucky and appreciative and you will move forwards, away from emptiness and longing, into a place of fullness and wholeness.


Look, accept, appreciate and trust. I hope  we can all find ways to bring these into our lives everyday.





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