Five foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think.

I often thought when I ate some of these foods, that I was helping my body, in other words – that these foods were healthy. Looking back, I see I was duped. Advertising of these products would have us believe that we are choosing wisely for our health. Labels such as ‘low calorie’, ‘light’, ‘nutritious’ and ‘natural’, they are all placed there so that we choose that product and not because they bring our body into balance.

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Here’s a list of five foodstuffs that aren’t health supporting, even if they claim to be ‘healthy’.



They might look like harmless slices of oats, berries, apricots and nuts. They might say ‘natural’ or ‘nature’ on their packaging. But these types of bars are often stuck together with sugar derivatives such as glucose, maltose, dextrose or agave nectar etc. Some even have fake yogurt coatings, chocolate drops or a sugar laced cereal added in.

Sugar, in all its different guises is a foodstuff that the body doesn’t need. Already, by consuming this, the body stops its usual health supporting jobs and starts dealing with the unneeded interruptions from sugar.

A better option would be to avoid cereal based bars that are glued together with chocolate and/or syrup, and go for small snack bars with wholefood ingredients such as dates, raisins, walnuts, almonds etc. and not much else. Ideally cold pressed and raw. The body might get some more nutrients out of this, but they are still quite heavy on the sugar, albeit it from whole fruit.



Forget about fruit juice. As Dr. Robert Lustig says in the great film, Fed Up, without the fiber, you might as well be drinking a soda. Enough said!

So the logical choice would be to opt for a smoothie. But the kinds of smoothies that are innocently labeling themselves as having flax seeds, or green powders aren’t as great to the body as they make out to be, in my opinion.

Firstly they are 90% fruit, and most on the market are heat treated in order to pasteurize them, leaving little if any raw vitamins left.

They taste so sweet, that you drink a lot more than you would if you were eating the same quantity of whole fruit.

The healthful add ins, like spirulina, or wheatgrass, are minimal in quantity, i.e. 0.06%, and again, treated at high temperatures which degrades their quality.

Usually there are very little greens to fruit ratio, so basically, just fruit.

They are tasty, and I drink them at times. But I’m under no illusion that my body is enjoying the experience at a cellular level!



A salad is… what exactly? A mixture of different ingredients eaten cold, I suppose. A salad is only a health food depending on its ingredients then, and not because it’s labelled a salad. Sorry to over simplify things to such a degree. But there are so many salads out there that do not support the body, and just because they are called ‘a salad’ leads to all sorts of misinformed conclusions.

Ingredients such as breadcrumbs, processed meat pieces, refined flour pasta, white rice, and the like are not things that should make up a salad. At least ones that advertise themselves as ‘healthy’.

And forget about the dressings which are mostly sugar based syrups with herbs, (if you’re lucky), or flavourings.



Fruit in syrup. Beans in a spicy taco sauce. Vegetables in a cream sauce.

The fruits, vegetables and beans in this type of tin are usually cooked, leaving them with less vitamin content than if they were raw. They are drenched with sugar syrup that help preserves them, but does nothing to support the balancing act of the body. Once the body is out of balance, being and feeling unwell is just around the corner.

Some foods in tins such as chickpeas, black eyed beans and lentils are tinned in water only. A much better option. Otherwise, opt for whole, raw fruit. Or cook and make your own vegetables in sauces.



Chips, or Crisps – not a health food. Low fat version of those things – doesn’t turn them into a health food. In fact, possibly worse that the original version.

Biscuits – not a health food. Low fat versions of biscuits –most definitely not a health food.

Breakfast cereal – not a health food. Low fat versions of cereal – nope, not even close to a health supporting food.

The same goes for refined white bread, pizza, and things such as ice cream.  The original versions don’t support the body in its aim for balance and eating low fat versions of those things doesn’t support the body either.


I’ll finish with saying that of course, anyone can eat any of these things if they choose to. But hopefully they choose them with no illusion that they are health supporting in any way.

For a easy and quick guide to distinguishing health foods from non-healthy foods, check out my article here.


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