Welcome to Greenbird Living!

Hi there! I’m Rebecca Storch and I created Greenbird Living to share inspiration to live a happier and healthier life.

I’m always learning new ways to achieve a more balanced lifestyle, from better food choices, connecting with the natural world and nourishing the mind. As I learn and grow, I will share with you what I discover, plus a few of my own experiences on my path towards living a balanced and nourished life.

On Greenbird Living I will write about a holistic and wholesome approach to living life through three main areas.

Health and Wellness

Food, body, mind.

A treasure trove of inspiration about nourishing vegetarian and plant-based foods, mindfulness and meditation practices and ways to move your body to feel balanced, strong and flexible.

Green Living

Nature, wildlife, eco-living.

Find inner harmony as you discover ways to connect with the wonderful natural world around you. From growing vegetables, appreciating the wildlife right on your door step and taking little steps to making your lifestyle more eco friendly.


Arts, crafts, cooking, making

Gathered here are how-to’s on making delicious recipes, scrumptious body scrubs, and body-loving lotions and potions that are found throughout the blog. I’ll also share my own crafts and artwork, plus ways to use your hands to make your living space beautiful.

I hope you will find this blog a useful source of all things wholesome, healthy and happy!

Wishing us all peace and good health on our journeys.


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